About Us 

Who are we?

We are a divserse family from age, culture, and race who found a similarity in all our lives: the power of faith. We are a team dedicated to empower one another daily, and promote wellbeing for everyone. With big love in all of our hearts, and being the social butterflies that we are, we're all so eager to know you, love you, and learn from your story as we do with one another!  

How long we have been in business?

Started with the intention to give strength to the hopeless so they can be hopeful. Located in Southern California, Powered by Faith has been inspiring and connecting with great people like yourself since 2001.   

Why did we start?

 Our message simplified: To have faith, is to have power.  We want to promote one another to a higher sense of being through family, faith, and fitness so we can reach our victories.   

We are inspired from the growth we saw, derived from faith with action, completely flip each of our lives + there's a lot of us, so to see that consistency despite our individual upbringings we knew faith was powerful! We saw a pattern that helped us conquer anything that we were faced with, and strength + confidence that came from each victory. Well we aren't greedy! If we have a solution to weakness it's our duty as a global citizen to share that with everyone! If our message can inspire or help at least one person to feel empowered and hopeful so they keep seeking their victory, we take that as a win! If one person can change the world, imagine what a world of empowered people can do. That's why we are doing it, to change the world and create harmony and strength through the power of faith!

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